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Waterproofing spray Collonil Carbon Pro

Before a Danny P. product sets out on a journey to your door, we polish it. Leather needs care to keep its quality and patina nice with age.

That is why we enriched our product range with cleaning foam, leather cream and waterproofing spray. All of them are products we use ourselves. They are constantly tested directly on our leather, so rest assured that, for example, the waterproofing spray will not leave any stains on your messenger bag.

To simplify the treatment process for you, we will send you a cotton cleaning cloth for free when you order any two leather care products.

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Waterproofer Collonil Carbon Pro

There has never been a product which protects better or lasts longer. Protection and perfect breathability, uniquely combined - it works like a "spray-on membrane".

Collonil Carbon Pro impregnace na kůži

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