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Czech Republic

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Leather Belt

    • We designed a clean and durable leather belt for men. You can choose between two types: with or without stitched edges.

      Whichever you go for, you can look forward to our usual top-quality leather with no imitations or synthetic fillings, three color options to choose from and different metal buckle finishes.

      Choose the belt length that's right for you by going to the Waistline tab.

    • Your waistline doesn't equal the total length of the belt, but the length of the belt when it's worn on the third hole. Put on the pants that you'll be wearing with the belt and take the measurements in them. If you take the measures without pants, these inches can make quite a big difference.

      If the belt is going to be a gift, use a belt the future donee wears and measure the length between the top of its spike and the seemingly most used hole. Don't measure the whole length of the belt.

      Our belt has five holes separated by 0.79" each. So if your waistline changes, you can "switch" between holes to adjust the belt.

    • We offer free local post shipping as a default option and paid FedEx shipping. Delivery times may differ from country to country. Find yours here.

      The belt is in stock and ready to be shipped. We usually ship within 1 business day.

Dark Brown

The belt's features

  • 100% leather with no additions or unnecessary fillings
  • handmade from Italian leather
  • three colors: brown/blue, dark brown and black
  • two types to choose from: with or without stitched edges
  • waistline from 30" (76 cm) to 44" (112 cm)
  • belt width 1.3" (3.3 cm)
Pánský kožený pásek v hnědé s prošíváním

Fits any style

Which variant will you choose? The one with or without stitched edges? Black, brown or dark brown? It's up to you and your personal style. The waistline for our leather belt starts at 30" (76 cm) and goes to 44" (112 cm)

Handmade from Italian leather

We traveled the world to find the finest materials and the most skilled manufacturers, resulting in a bag that will serve you for years to come (and will look even better with time).

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