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Personalize your Danny P. with initials

Customize your leather product with initials (monogram)

We just love monograms! Whenever we buy something that's not only new and beautiful, but also enriched with our initials, it gives us a warm feeling that this is just mine.

We've gotten used to embroidering initials onto tailor-made shirts and suits. However, what about seeing your own initials embossed on a top-quality leather wallet?




At Danny P., we can now enrich your wallet with your initials!

  • When placing your order, choose the format of the monogram and its letters. Will you go for DP or D.P.?
  • The price of the wallet will increase by $19.95.
  • Your initials will be embossed on the left side of the wallet, right below the card slots.
  • It takes just 5 days longer to make the wallet & ship it.