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Leather money clip wallet brown/blue

There are certain accessories whose popularity never declines with time, and are equally appreciated by men across generations. The money clip wallet is undoubtedly one of them. It has already become a favorite of countless men around the globe, thanks to its minimal profile which conveniently fits in any pocket and holds everything you need to get through your day. All your cards, business cards, and cash are immediately at your fingertips, no more annoying digging.

The most striking feature of our wallet is the matte silver money clip inside. We couldn’t find a single clip on the market that was up to our standards, so we decided to custom make our own.

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The wallet's features

  • folding money clip
  • fits USD or EUR
  • 2 slots for cards on each side
  • 2 compartments under the slots
  • dimensions: 4.09 x 3.23 x 0.59 in (104x82x15 mm)
Leather money clip wallet wireframe

It doesn't get any slimmer than this

The money clip wallet is characterized by its ultra-slim profile and dimensions, which are virtually identical to the most common world currencies. However, minimal form should never outweigh practical function. For this reason we've designed it to be able to fit 6 cards in addition to your cash.

Leather money clip wallet - cards and banknotes

Let it carry your name

You can enrich your wallet with customized initials like DP or D.P. The initials will be placed on the front side where the cash slot is. Due to the manufacturing process, please allow 5 additional business days for delivery.

Leather initials detail

Since they are customized, monogrammed wallets do not come with our 30-day money-back guarantee; however, we will uphold the classic guarantee for manufacturing defects.

Handmade from Italian leather

We traveled the world to find the finest materials and the most skilled manufacturers, resulting in a wallet that will serve you for years to come (and will look even better with time).

Handmade from Italian leather - 3 colors & styles

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