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Danny P iPhone 6 Leather Wallet Case for Those Who Adore Classy Taste

April 07, 2015

"I can easily handle big challenges in life but small ones pester me more. The case in point is keeping my wallet, my iPhone 6 and my car keys in two of the front pockets of all my trousers. I simply hate slipping my wallet into my hip pockets as this adds to my back pain while I am driving my car or bike. Practically it’s way far difficult to keep my iPhone 6 in my pocket while sitting on a driver’s seat. Tension always looms up on me lest my phone get damaged! Hence, I was desperately looking for some suitable solution.

And finally, I got this leather wallet with iPhone 6 case. Thanks to Daniel, who sent this leather wallet for a review.


I must say that if you are a frequent traveller, this leather wallet with iPhone 6 case can be your perfect partner. I would like to give this product 5 stars as this case has easily solved my problem of keeping my bills and my smartphone simultaneously. Moreover, I normally use my car for commutation, hence, there is no question of getting the case wet."


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