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CultOfMac.com - Slim Wallet is a spacious leather billfold that eliminates the pocket bulge

November 20, 2014

"I’m really picky when it comes to buying new wallets. I don’t carry many cards and, much like the Queen of England, I rarely carry cash, so I hate anything that unnecessarily puts a big bulge in my back pocket.

With the Slim Wallet from Danny P, I’ve found a beautiful leather billfold that carries up to eight cards and a fistful of notes without ever getting too bulky.

Handmade out of high-quality Italian leather, the Slim Wallet is soft and supple and incredibly good-looking. I chose the brown “cognac” model, which has blue insides that deliver a somewhat striking contrast to the quiet exterior. The two colors work wonderfully well together to provide the Slim Wallet with its own unique look.

Thanks to that soft leather and the surprisingly lightweight design, the Slim Wallet is immensely comfortable in your pocket. So comfortable, in fact, that you’ll quickly forget it’s even there. I filled mine with as much as I could cram into it, and even though it got slightly fatter, it still slipped nicely into my pockets — even in the tighter pants I sometimes wear out at weekends."