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Forbes.com - Supercharge Your iPhone: Seven More Of The Best iPhone Cases

February 28, 2015

"Not every case keeps every element of the iPhone 6 readily accessible, some of them go for style and subtlety. This is where the Danny P leather wallet case comes in. At first glance the handmade wallet is a regular wallet, with space for notes at the back, and credit and debit cards in the front. The iPhone slides into the space normally reserved for coins.

With this being a wallet, the inclusion of the contactless Apple Pay has been considered. The TouchID sensor remains exposed when you place the iPhone in the wallet, and the leather does not block the signals from the NFC chip in the iPhone. That means you can hold the wallet between finger and thumb (on the TouchID sensor) and tap your wallet to a point of sale terminal. Apple Pay takes care of the transaction, while you pay by touching your wallet to the terminal.

It’s a playful touch to an understated but luxurious wallet where the function of a wallet (coins, cards, and payments) has come first, with the iPhone tastefully added without spoiling the lines of the design."