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Your Ultimate Manly Skills Digest #6

June 29, 2016

You know what they say: actions speak louder than words. On a journey of becoming a proper gentleman? Print this saying, frame it, and hang it on the wall! Then dive into our ultimate manly skills digest, which will help you do the right thing in the right place at the right time.

What you're about to read is part 6. Read part 1 if you want to start with the very basics or part 2, part 3, part 4 or part 5 if you feel like digesting some more knowledge. You might also be interested in how to tackle a gentleman's time at a restaurant.



Manly Skill #26

Pull out her chair so she can sit down, only then sit down yourself.



Manly Skill #27

Did you know that the ‎etiquette‬ rules might be different for social and business occasions? Take pulling out a chair that's mentioned above, for example. On a date, doing so will show your good manners, while in a business meeting, it could be considered weird.



Manly Skill #28

Planning on visiting France this spring? Make sure you get to know their local table manners before you set off. When served bread before or during a meal, don’t cut it with a knife. It’s perfectly appropriate to use your hands instead -- just pull off a morsel and place it directly on the table or eat it right away (unless the table setting is really formal, of course).

Image source: http://goo.gl/5QMQrH



Manly Skill #29

Having lunch with a business partner? Order the same amount as your counterpart. You don't want them to watch you enjoy a five-course meal while they only got a salad.



Manly Skill #30

Not RSVPing is not the same thing as declining the invitation. You save the host a lot of trouble if you simply (and politely) say "no" in advance.



Manly Skill #31

Having a problem with remembering names? Almost everyone does! That’s why, even in 2016, classic paper business cards still come in handy. When you’ve just met 5 new people who are in a meeting with you, place their business cards on the table in front of you. Problem solved.

Image source: http://goo.gl/kcc6rA



Manly Skill #32

Done eating? Place your fork and knife in a 4:20 position (fork and knife next to each other). That's a signal to the host / waitress that you're finished.


Getting close to 50 skills, stay tuned!

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