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Our products after four years of heavy use

June 05, 2018 1 Comment

There are only a few things in the world which are not harmed by the passage of time. On the contrary, they ripen with a growing age.

We are not only talking about good wine and Sean Connery, but also about quality leather products from our workshop.

Take a look at a few proofs which show that for Danny P. products increasing years are nothing more than numbers.


New (left) vs. 4 years old Danny P. leather messenger bag


In the photo above is a direct comparison of new and "old". What about the patina it got–looks great, right?


Leather Products Need Good Care

Keeping leather bags and wallets in perfect condition is not an easy task. As with everything that gains value over time, they need appropriate attention and care.

This does not mean only a regular cleaning but also a thorough waterproofing and appropriate moisturizing of the material.

Thanks to this treatment, you will significantly increase the chance that the product will preserve its shape even after years of intensive wearing. After all, that is what we have written about here.


A Wallet with a Patina

When you buy it, it smells of leather and does not have any scratches. But soon a wallet gets a heavy-lifting lesson: a load of coins, credit cards and visiting cards while it’s carried in pockets and even in a bag and using multiple times a day.

In spite of often negligent treatment, a leather product can stay in perfect shape for years. From time to time, you might discover a small scratch or a sign of patina, but this gives the material its unique character. A sophisticated shape or a good stitchwork will change their form only a little.


Danny P. slim leather wallet after 4 years of daily use


A Messenger That Looks Like New

A messenger bag is the second most-used thing that men carry after a wallet. And unlike a wallet, it is even more visible - we are not talking about a small detail but about an important element that makes or breaks the whole style.

That is why while choosing it, it pays off to opt for a good-quality piece. And that is how it looks when it’s taken good care of despite everyday use: the straps are not saggy and the lining looks like new. Everything is how it should be.


Danny P. leather messenger bag after 4 years of service


The inside of the Danny P. leather messenger bag after years of use


A Sleeve that Stays

It’s worth investing in a good laptop. Why save on its sleeve?

When buying a leather product, you are buying more than an exclusive design. A sleeve ensures that electronic devices stay dry, safe from scratching and from less-than-gentle collisions.

Thanks to quality Italian leather and precise sewing, the sleeve stays in a good condition even after years of wearing a heavy object. And it seems that even the ravages of time do not have a chance to change the original color tone.


Danny P. leather MacBook Air sleeve after 4 years of daily use


New (left) vs. old Danny P. leather MacBook Air sleeve


See the difference in the last photo–on the left is a brand new and unused sleeve, on the right is a sleeve that's been in daily use for years. Notice that the shape and the stitching are still perfect.

1 Response


June 05, 2018

I’ve been using my sleeve for my iPhone 6 (now 8) for the past couple years as well as a sleeve for my MBA for 3 years…they look better every year. Please introduce (again) the sleeve for iPad and iPad mini in chestnut…would be a great addition to a great product:)

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