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Take a look at 2018's best #DannyPstyle photos

January 23, 2019 2 Comments

Have you noticed we announce a new #DannyPstyle winner every month? This means that every month we go through dozens of great photos taken and shared by you – our customers. We appreciate your shares, some of them are so good they could become our product photos here in our online store. Here are the best pieces from last year.


Daniel's photo of his new slim wallet has earned him the gift for 2018's very first winner.


January's winner – Daniel



Details matter! In February, we were thrilled with Šimon's photo of our handmade seal.


February's winner – Šimon



The best photo of March came from Miloš, who managed to match his slim and card wallets perfectly.


March's winner – Miloš



With this kind of gear, we believe Marek will keep improving his game. Good luck in your upcoming tournaments!


April's winner – Marek



This is exactly one of the pieces that deserves to be printed in large format and hung in our office. Thanks, Petr!


May's winner – Petr



With the year heading toward its second half, we chose Jakub's quiet coffee time as June's winner.


June's winner – Jakub



There's no doubt about who this wallet belongs to. Thanks for sharing, Josef!


July's winner – Josef



What would make it to your own survival kit? Lukáš chose these items, and we can't be happier with his choice.


August's winner – Lukáš



This view and our passport wallet has earned Šimon his gift. Thanks again!


September's winner – Šimon



Richard lighted things up in October and rightly became the winner of the month.


October's winner – Richard



Although we're mainly into men's accessories, we're always glad to see a lady among our customers. Thanks again for this great photo, Adéla!


November's winner – Adéla



Last year couldn't have been wrapped up in a better way. Martin shared his well maintained set of belt, wallet, and messenger bag, and became the last winner of 2018.


December's winner – Martin


Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and shared their #DannyPstyle photo. We can't wait to see your submissions in 2019!

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