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New products for 2018, part one

February 12, 2018

Our plan is straightforward – we intend to introduce 12 new products in 2018.

This year marks our fifth anniversary, which means we already have quite a bit of experience with leather accessories, and we're eager to start working on products that have only existed as ideas until now.

Don't expect us to fake it till we make it. Here's the first six pieces you can look forward to:


Unisex bracelets

We wanted to drop the unisex leather bracelet last year, but our inner perfectionist disagreed and forced us to spend some extra time fine-tuning it.

The proportions of the bracelet almost trapped us – we had to experiment with various ways of embossing to make the custom text and dates look as good as we wanted.

In the end, we managed to perfect the embossing technique and can now proudly tell you that the bracelets are exactly what you'd expect from Danny P.

Get your bracelet >>> 

iPhone 8 Plus case

As of 2018, “Plus” owners can finally get their minimalistic piece of Danny P.

The new case follows the successful design of the iPhone 8 case with two credit card slots on the back and (at least) three colors – our typical black, brown and dark brown.

See the new iPhone 8 Plus case >>>


Wallet with iPhone X case

A wallet with an iPhone X case will definitely be our biggest challenge this year. We don't just want to take what we already have and make it bigger. The plan is to rethink the combination of a wallet with an iPhone case.

It'll be bigger than our wallet with iPhone 8 case, of course, with enough room for even more credit cards and cash, but we want to keep the current wallet's sleek profile.

Prototyping is already underway, and as soon as we move on to testing the wallet, you'll be the first to know!

iPhone X case

Once we're 100% satisfied with the design of our wallet with iPhone X case, we'll strip it down and introduce a standalone leather case for iPhone X.

Stay tuned for the first photos!


(At least) two new sets

We're glad to see how popular our first two sets, Business and Essential, have become! Why stop with two, right?

We'll be adding two new sets to our online store soon – the golf set and the night-out set.

Business wallet

Like our coin wallet? Then the new business wallet will be just for you. It will very likely come with two independent pockets for cash, a larger coin pocket and more credit card slots – which you can see for yourself from the prototype.

We'll start testing the wallet soon, and let you know as soon as it's ready for pre-orders.


Stay tuned for six more. We'll introduce them in the upcoming weeks!