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If you make something, make it right

November 09, 2016

If you make something, make it right

We're not done yet! You read about the direction we're heading -- honesty and professionalism are among our key values… It's time to move on to perfectionism.



We think and design and test until we're left with a diamond

Each of our products consists of quality materials, painstaking handwork and enthusiasm you can almost touch. The outcome is a top-notch leather accessory with a reasonable price tag.

Everything we create undergoes several rounds of thinking, designing and testing.

Up for a little example? Take a look at the interior of our messenger bag. It certainly doesn't get as much attention as the outside, but that doesn't mean we neglected it. The bag’s functional aspect reflects your everyday life in an urban environment. That's why the interior is not just a traditional laptop case but also includes places to secure your water bottles and umbrellas.

Interior of out leather messenger bag




“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Leonardo da Vinci once said. It's not that we want to compare ourselves with what the author of the Mona Lisa achieved. However, we do identify ourselves with his opinion.

Each of our products is made to look and work great. Whenever we plan to expand our product range, we follow a simple formula -- a leather accessory should accentuate your style, not grab everyone's attention.



The key to first-class style is matching pieces together

Matching a belt with shoes gets down to the absolute basics. What kind of perfectionists would we be, though, if we stop with just that?

leather belts

Thanks to our minimalist approach, the design is not disturbed by anything superfluous. This allows you to freely combine our products while keeping a sharp look.

We personally prefer the combination of the bag, wallet and belt in one color, but why limit yourself? What also looks great is the black messenger bag with a brown MacBook Air sleeve and wallet of the same color.

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