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How to match leather color with your iPhone

September 28, 2016

Just bought your new iPhone SE? Nice! Now, the next step is to get something that'll protect it for you while keeping it constantly accessible. Since that's exactly why we founded Danny P. in the first place, let us help with that.

You likely know our products come in three colors -- black, brown/blue, dark brown. In case of the iPhone 5/5S/SE leather case, we added ocean blue and pink. If you've already found yourself wondering what color would go best with the color of your device, this article is just for you.

iPhone SE in our handmade leather case in pink

iPhone SE in our handmade leather case in pink

We took pictures of different colorways of iPhone 5/5S/SE in different cases with the Danny P. logo. Take a look at them, then choose the color that you think makes for the best combination!



Got a space grey iPhone? Then check this out

It doesn't really matter if you've got the latest iPhone SE or the older 5/5S. Apple's so-called Space Gray hasn't changed over the years, so this is what your phone will look like in our leather case.

iPhone SE in our handmade leather case in black, cognac and blue

iPhone SE in our handmade leather case in black, brown and blue



What about the other iPhone colors?

Well, there might be three more -- Silver, Gold and Rose gold, but the fact remains that most of the time you'll see the front part of your iPhone. And Apple hasn't been really creative with it, as all these colors come with a plain white frame around the display.

Check out what these colorways will look like when combined with each of the five color versions of our leather case:

iPhone SE in our handmade leather case

Which combination do you like best? Let us know on Facebook or get the color you love right now!