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How far will honesty carry us?

October 26, 2016

How far will honesty carry us?

Have you read our article about how we strive to be better every day? Then you know one of our core values is honesty.

One might think of it as a cliché. Who would tell you they encourage dishonesty, after all?

At Danny P., however, we believe it's actions that prove one's honesty -- not words. Our attitude towards you and your orders is based on top-notch service.

Here’s a more in-depth look at our honest policy:



Not your cup of tea? Return it in 30 days.

There're situations when the usual 14-day return policy just wouldn't do. What if, for example, you're buying a wallet as a gift a month in advance? Such situations aren't rare, which is why we automatically give you a 30-day window to return your order.

We certainly believe you'll fall in love with our products. However, if it doesn't happen for whatever reason, you have our word that we'll refund you.



Authentic customer reviews

Eager to learn what people who've already bought our products think of them? Every product's page contains genuine, not the tiniest bit censored reviews.

The fact that the vast majority is positive is something we highly appreciate.



We don't hide from problems. We solve them

We ourselves have experienced it too many times -- the seller wipes their hands of the order once it's marked sent.

Our philosophy in this respect is clear -- with your purchase starts our friendship.

That's why we don't take any potential problems lightly. Anyone can say we're here for you; we at Danny P. do our best to show you what it looks like in reality.