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First look at our new products for 2017

March 09, 2017

First look at our new products for 2017

Social events tend to be +1. We aim a little higher. Over the course of the next few months, we'll make Danny P. +9. What does it mean in “real life”? You guessed it -- we're working on nine new products! Let's take a look at them.


Minimalist cards & cash case

This seemingly simple product is a great example of our obsession with making things perfect. We designed, made and tested the first version of our cards & cash case last year, but something was still missing, and we weren't completely sure that this was the best we could come up with.

So we took it back to the drawing board, reworked it and, with a feeling of great relief, made a second version that we're finally proud of.

Minimalist cards & cash case

The prototypes of the second version have been tested, and nothing is standing in the way of introducing this product in our online store. Mark March / April in your calendar!


Leather MacBook 12” sleeve

For the first time since our founding in 2013, we're refreshing our MacBook sleeve line. The favored classic MacBook Air 13” leather sleeve will find its companion in the new MacBook 12” leather protection sleeve.

Thanks to our experience with designing, making and fine-tuning the 13” version (that's what we call #BetterEveryDay in real life), the 12” one hasn't needed much prototyping, so we're already looking for some nice places to take photos of this new product.


iPhone 7 case with card slots

One of our very first products was the iPhone 5/5s/SE case. In 2017, we're following up on it with a new iPhone 7 leather case.

We're planning to manufacture the case along with the MacBook 12” sleeve and the card case.


Business wallet

Are you familiar with our coin wallet? Now imagine it in more generous proportions and with new features that reflect your desire for a simplified work life, like, for example, a special pocket for the entry card many of you use to get into your office with.

Business wallet wireframe

A wireframe of our new business wallet

We have finalized the wallet's design and are working on its first prototype. If all goes as planned, we'll be sending the first batch to customers by the beginning Q2!


Travel wallet

Our customers travel all around the world, and so do we. To make going from A to B a little bit smoother, we've recently started designing a leather wallet based on the average globetrotter’s not-so-secret dreams. Look forward to a special pocket for your passport and other cool features!

Truth be told, we weren't really excited about the wallet's first prototype, so we took it back to the drawing board and reworked it from scratch. How else does one get #BetterEveryDay, right?

travel wallet

Does it look good? Yes, but felt we could do better, so we took it back to the drawing board.

These days, we're testing a second version, which is really, really close to what we consider perfect, so we hope the new wallet will be available before the summer holiday season hits.


Scorecard sleeve

Do you play golf? Not yet? We’d like to give you one more reason to start this year.

Scorecard sleeve

Here’s our designer, Lukas, from a different angle. No doubt he knows how to represent!

We'll soon be releasing a new product that our designer Lukas especially can't wait to get his hands on -- a leather sleeve just for your golf scorecard that will accompany you on your journey towards stepping up your game.

Scorecard sleeve

Lab testing? Maybe if honesty and perfectionism weren’t among our core values.


What's next?

Well, that's also up to you. We make our products for your Apple devices and your everyday life.

Let us know what else you'd like to see in our future product range!

In the meantime, we'll keep designing, prototyping, and testing three other products, which we'll introduce to you next time.