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Danny P. is just like you -- a professional

November 03, 2016

Danny P. is just like you -- a professional

Those who follow our blog won't be surprised with today's topic. We are following up on two articles we posted over the past few weeks -- one where we introduced our four key values and one where we took a more indepth look at honesty.

We’d like to take a closer look at our second key value: professionality.



Traditional manufacturing in Europe

Professionality is not far from honesty -- anyone can boast about it, but only few can back it up with their own product.

Claiming that our wallets, belts, bags and other products are “European” just so we can add a “Made in [any country far from Europe]” label? No. That's not how we want to earn your trust nor is it anything we'd manage to live and work with.

We design our products in Prague, get our leather from Italy and manufacture in a traditional shop in the Czech Republic. Now you know everything -- that's what professionality based on transparency looks like.



Quality and design that even traditional brands could be proud of

Disappointment by what the market has to offer combined with love for high-quality, workmanlike products. That's what stood at the very beginning of our brand.

We believe we've managed to elevate our design and manufacturing to a level that holds up even against traditional brands. After all, this is something that some of our customers can confirm -- those who've been with us since the early days bought their wallets some three years ago, and their feedback shows they don't find it necessary to get a new one anytime soon.



Danny P. has got you covered with functionality and style

You don't necessarily need to own a law firm to want to present yourself in a professional way.

The smooth design and manufacturing precision (more about that next time) of each our products leaves no doubt that you invest in quality and pay attention to your style down to the tiniest detail.

Henry Ford used to say that quality means doing things right even if no one is looking. Could anyone possibly disagree with this? Just take a look at any product we've ever made, and it'll become obvious to you that we are following in Mr. Ford’s footsteps.

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