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Business Trip Packing 101: The Perfect Hand Luggage

June 27, 2018

Going for a quick meeting in Rome, dinner in Paris or a business trip to a city on the other side of the country? You don’t need to pack a big suitcase. A handy messenger bag that fits everything necessary will do.


The Danny P. messenger bag fits just about any style


If you travel frequently abroad only for a few hours or overnight, a good quality leather bag will come in handy. The messenger bag from Danny P. does not only meet requirements of practicality, but thanks to its universal style it perfectly matches suits and informal outfits which you wear during your travel.


Sophisticated division

A spacious bag with proportions of 408 x 297 x 89 mm (16.06 x 11.69 x 3.5 inches) offers a main pocket along with several skillfully placed compartments. The bag also includes a pocket for a laptop, an iPad and smaller compartments which can fit in small electronic devices, a wallet and travel documents.

A pocket designed for a water bottle is something you will especially appreciate during hot days which require a regular drinking regime. The remaining space in the bag can easily accommodate basic toiletries or a change of clothes without the bag looking over-stuffed.


Even when the messenger bag is full of your everyday essentials, it's not bulky at all.


Travel wallet

An elegant leather messenger bag is not the only thing that you can select from our variety of products and consider indispensable on your travels. Our specially designed travel wallet is almost a must-have for everyone who likes to keep their documents and money in order.


Travelling is just easier when you've got all your documents – including passport – in one place.


In the travel wallet, you will find a special passport compartment, which will keep it safe and secure and will always be at your fingertips; two separated pockets for money so you do not mix two currencies when traveling; and a multitude of compartments for all the cards that you need to take with you. As a bonus, you will also get a travel diary and a tear-off notebook.