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#BetterEveryDay: Ondrej Kratky, Liftago

March 18, 2017

Five questions, five incredibly inspirational, no-holds-barred answers. If you ever thought about starting your own business, read the following interview and rest assured that Ondrej Kratky, a Danny P. customer, is your walking Wikipedia in this field.

He co-founded a company named Liftago, a peer-to-peer taxi service that aims to eliminate city dwellers’ need to own a car. As you can imagine, Liftago's beginnings weren't easy. And luckily for all of us, Ondrej is very open to talking about his company’s early struggles and missteps.


Ondrej Kratky

At Danny P., we believe in getting #BetterEveryDay. What do you personally do to keep getting better?

Every day, I dive into solving problems that stand in the way of achieving the goals we have with Liftago. It's not just about being fair to the drivers, but more about providing a sustainable service that has the potential to replace car owning in city centers. We get better at this every day.


What was the biggest obstacle you had to overcome when starting Liftago?

Actually, the biggest obstacle we faced was ourselves. I focused on marketing sooner than on the quality of the service. We wanted great people, but their skills don't say much about how they'd fit in with the team. We were struggling with our own plans and our stubbornness not to change them. We thought we had it all figured out.


If you were to highlight three factors that led to Liftago's success, what would they be?

There're three things that've always saved us: persistence, results and a strong vision.

The vision is like a lighthouse -- you can change your way to reach it, but the goal at the end of your journey is always there, always clearly visible.

The results came mainly because we had found a great business model. We simply built the best service possible for drivers, which led to becoming the best service possible for passengers. Or at least that's what our current ratings show.

The overall quality of the service is increasingly more affected by the driver than technology. And a happy driver is more likely to make passengers happy. Now it's about persistence.


Do you happen to have a piece of advice for those who aim to start their own business?

Don't just “come up with ideas.” Use your creativity to solve your customers' problems instead.


You started wearing our leather belt some time ago. What do you mostly match it with, and how happy are you with it?

I wear the black belt with jeans almost all the time. The ones I used to wear would fall apart after a few months. Danny P. holds up. That could be a cool hashtag, by the way: #dannypholdsup.


Thanks again, Ondrej, and we wish you and Liftago the best of luck in the future!