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Better every day and what we believe in at Danny P.

October 20, 2016

Better every day and other things we believe in at Danny P.

Is it just a feeling, or do a lot of fashion companies really put brand over product these days? That's definitely not us!

We perceive Danny P. as the brand where the name goes hand in hand with product sophistication and quality. We are also the brand that accompanies customers on their way up in both their personal and professional lives.

There are four values that crystallized from our talks about the future of Danny P. They're what we believe in and what we want to connect ourselves with more and more in the future. And now, no matter if you're our customer or not (yet), we invite you to get to know them.




Yes, you're right -- honesty should be the standard and the sheer foundation of each business. Yet how many times have you experienced return problems or footnotes when returning a product you bought?

At Danny P. we see honesty as the cornerstone of our relationship with you -- our customers. That's why you'll always read authentic customer reviews about our products, get a longer money-back guarantee than the law dictates and rest assured that if your order doesn't fulfill your expectations, we'll take care of it.




Professionality is a commitment we made to ourselves and to our own products. To become a professional means to make bags, wallets, belts and other goods so well that you feel the craftsmanship as well as the purity of the design. The former results in the products' longevity, while the latter leads to timelessness.

At Danny P. we believe that the time spent hand-making the product is an investment that returns every time you -- our customers -- use it.




A couple years have passed since we showed our first wallet to the world. Yet our desire to make perfect accessories hasn't vanished -- quite the opposite actually; we feel it even stronger now.

Become a part of your wardrobe? Of course that would make us happy. However, our ambition is to become a part of your life, and that simply can't be done without a certain level of perfectionism.

Here’s an example of what we mean: whenever you're choosing one of our products, all you see is the tip of the iceberg. What's hidden under water is hours and hours of designing, prototyping, testing and fine-tuning.




We have nothing against knowing one's value and expressing a healthy level of self-confidence. What we're not a fan of is deification of one's own work.

Your interest in our products, and the fact that many of our customers don't buy just one, indicates that we're good at what we do. However, we don't brag. Success is not something predetermined that should haughtily be shared with “the others”.

Just like our customers, we know that the road to any kind of success is cobbled with hard work. That's why our products grow with you and never try to outrun you.



 Our vision for the future Danny P. and you, our customers

We want to keep getting better and growing. In our world, we appreciate honesty, acknowledge professionality and demand perfectionism. However, we don't neglect modesty, which is the typical feature of our brand, our products and maybe even your lifestyle.

We want to motivate, inspire and reward all who hold the future firmly in your hands; those who aspire to get better every day.

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