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A few tips for damaged leather

August 05, 2019

One of our favorite things about natural leather is that it develops a nice patina as it ages. The more sophisticated the material, the better the final look. But when it comes to aging, the leather we use for our product is similar to human skin: is has to be well nourished and all bigger wounds need to be treated. 

Not everyone likes having scratches on their leather, especially when it comes to a new product. If you happen to be surprised by a light scratch on your bag or wallet, you should try the most natural way to get rid of it: your fingers.

Every leather naturally produces a bit of grease. Therefore, if you rub it with your index finger - which is, by the way, also greasy - the heat produced instantly helps to spread a bit of color to the damaged area. In many cases, this will solve the problem perfectly. Watch your nails, though!

Deeper scratches? Use polish

If the first method does not help, it’s time for some special care. During our many years of experience, the colorless Collonil Silicon Polish cream has proved to be perfect. Not only does it remove nasty scratches, it also nourishes the leather and prevents it from drying out.

In case of major scratches, you can try the Silicon Polish color cream in a shade similar to the leather you’re using it on. However, keep in mind that after use, the area darkens slightly, so carefully select the shade and apply it very carefully.

Of course, the greatest feature of the leather is that it ages and grows with you. Likewise, scratches change, disappear or darken with age, creating a characteristic patina that is unique to you. Therefore, we would recommend not worrying about this natural process: rather than removing the evidence of time, we recommend letting it mature into a patina that will tell its own unique story.