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2015: the year of great reviews

January 08, 2016

Last year, we were lucky enough to get so many reviews that we couldn't even share them all with you. Let's change that. Here's what they said about our products on lifestyle, fashion and tech blogs. Plus our three most favorite customer reviews.



Press reviews from 2015

Urban Beardsman

This is actually one of the nicest reviews we've got so far. Among other things, Jeremy Lahman (the author) says:

“The first day I had it I set it down on my desk at the office and it drew a crowd. The compliments and questions always ended with ‘I want that’.”

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We made it on a list of THE 20 BEST IPHONE 6 WALLET CASES, where Amanda Waas sums it up nicely:

“Danny P.’s iPhone Wallet will fit up to five cards and, as a bonus: is designed to be Apple Pay compatible, so you don’t have to remove your phone from the wallet to pay for your latte.”

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Gear Patrol

Gear Patrol's “Today in Gear” featured our Leather Wallet with iPhone 6 / 6S Case. Nick Milanes recommended you should “maybe wait around for the striking blue-and-brown colorway to restock.” Good news: it's in stock and ready to be shipped.

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Network World

Among the three different products Bob Brown tested, this is what grabbed his attention when he saw ours:

“This case certainly makes the boldest statement of the three products that came my way, as it is a beautiful combination wallet and phone case made from Italian leather. It even came in a handsome cardboard envelope, complete with a wax seal.”

Image source: http://goo.gl/oFY9vn

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Today's iPhone

In one of the more extensive reviews, Adam Oran from Today's iPhone pointed out (among other things) the smell of our wallet:

“This feeling of luxury extends to the product itself. Made of genuine Italian leather, it looks, feels and smells incredible.”

Image source: http://goo.gl/XvMRc9

Read the full in-depth review


August Man

August Man's list of 10 beautiful phone cases wouldn't be complete without at least one Danny P. product, of course :)

Asri Jasman noticed that our Leather Wallet with iPhone 6 / 6S Case is Apple Pay compatible and said that “Apple Pay hasn’t reached our shores yet but the moment it gets widely used, this ingenious design by Danny P. will probably replace your existing wallet.”

Read the full review



Our favorite customer reviews

Are we grateful for each and every review we get from our customers? Of course! However, we chose these three as our favorite because:

  1. They show how people of different mindsets (e.g. a minimalist) feel about our products.
  2. We haven't shared them all on social media yet, so this is a thank-you to the authors of the reviews for having written them.


Nierere B.

Nierere calls himself a “minimalist,” and it seems like he's rather satisfied with what we created.

"I've already switched over to using it. It's a bit bigger than I'm accustomed to as a minimalist. It has reduced me to one item vs a wallet and phone sleeve.

Overall, it is absolutely beautiful and I'm looking forward to the touch it adds to my style. It gets a 5/5 in my book."


Donna G.

We tend to claim that our products are for men, but what if a woman decides she's up for some Danny P. style as well? We certainly wouldn’t talk her out of it. Hello, Donna!

“Recently purchased the leather wallet for my IPhone 6s Plus phone in dark brown leather. The leather and color are quite classic and now reside proudly in my purse. The leather does need to soften up just a tad for ease in removing the phone, but I have no question that will happen. Buy one, you will not be sorry!!!”


Raymond C.

Raymond wrote one of the nicest customer reviews we've ever got. Thanks again!

"This is one of the finest made products I have ever seen -- no detail has been overlooked. My iPhone 6s Plus wallet is just going to get more beautiful as it ages! Also, I can't say enough about the customer service, right down to having several email conversations with Daniel himself. What a great experience -- not something you can often say in the retail market."


Thank you all once again & follow us on social media if you feel like reading more reviews from bloggers and our customers!

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