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16 Reasons Why 2016 Will Be Awesome

December 31, 2015

They say that as long as you've got something to look forward to, you'll be happy. So, instead of looking back at what 2015 was like (great, if anyone asks!), let's see what we all can expect next year.

Happy new year 2016!

16 reasons why 2016 will be awesome sounds like an appropriate number to us :)

  1. Super Bowl 50. We won't even have to wait long for it to take place -- mark February 7 in your calendar!
  2. Patina. Your Danny P. products will be one year older and will start aging nicely. Send us some before-and- after photos if you've got some :)
  3. New products. We can't tell you more now, but rest assured we'll keep ourselves busy with designing, prototyping and launching new leather accessories throughout the entire year.
  4. Summer Olympics in Rio. One more reason to visit Brazil!
  5. Batman vs. Superman. Just read it out loud! We can't wait to see these two fight each other.
  6. Birthdays! We'll all be one year older, which might sound a bit depressing to some, but hey, it means we've got one more reason to celebrate life!
  7. New iPhone. If we're not mistaken, 2016 should be the year of the new iPhone, not “just” an upgraded version. We might have to design a completely new product to fit the size of the new device, but why not? It's not an obstacle; it's a challenge.
  8. The new format of the NHL All-Star Game. It got kind of boring over the last few years, don't you think? But somebody in charge actually noticed, and the next game will be played with three players on each side, just like in overtime. Sounds promising!
  9. Kanye West's new album? It seems like no one knows for sure; however, we wouldn't be complaining if Swish finally comes out next year.
  10. New trends in men's fashion. We've already covered some of them in one of our latest blog posts. Have any other tips and thoughts? Feel free to share in the comments!
  11. Presidential election in the US. We certainly don't want to dive into politics, but it's always exciting to follow the presidential race, isn't it?
  12. More of Danny P. on Apple.com. Alright, this one is rather personal. Since being listed on the official Apple online store was our greatest achievement of 2015, we hope to add even more of our products to Apple’s store in 2016.
  13. Keeping our New Year's resolutions. This time, it's finally going to happen. We won't give up on them on January 12 :)
  14. The XX's new album. If you haven't listened to this English band yet, put that on your to-do list. We for one can’t wait until their 2016 album release is announced.
  15. All the new gadgets you think you don't need until you actually have them and can't imagine how you managed to live without them. Above all, the Apple Watch 2. It should be available in June 2016!
  16. December 31. Because it will mark the coming of 2017 with its 17 reasons to look forward to it :)

Is there anything we didn't mention that you can't wait to happen? Let us know!

Anyway, we'd like to thank you all for reading us / supporting us / buying us in 2015 & wish you a happy new year!

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