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What the press is saying about us

November 12, 2015

Every once in a while, a new press review of one of our leather products surfaces. We certainly don't want to show off, but… alright, we kind of do:)

Read what bloggers, men's style-oriented websites and other press have said about us this fall.

Danny P. – Slim Leather Wallet – Review

Image source: this review - http://goo.gl/evMdKj



Lewis Jackson of Men Style Fashion honored us with the second highest score a product can get: 9/10.

This was the final verdict:

“If I am to give this wallet a score out of 10, I would certainly be giving it a 9. The reason being that, as a Brit, the coin section is something that really helps in a wallet. Then again, having coins in the wallet would compromise the 'Slim' side of things. Never the less, I'm using this as my everyday wallet.”

This review is just a few days old, so we feel pretty cool that we already have an answer to the coin section issue :) Check out our latest product -- the coin wallet!


Cool enough for the The Coolector

Leo Davie of The Coolector reviewed our leather wallet with iPhone 6 case, and his final words in the review say it all:

“Available in a number of different colourways and styles to suit your own personal requirements, this luxurious accessory will definitely offer the sort of versatility that we all demand from our everyday carry and we’re loving the sleek look and intuitive design here at The Coolector.”

Thanks, Leo!


Yesterday’s Craft With Today’s Tech

We just love this review by Headlines & Heroes! Find out why for yourself.

Apart from the usual things you'd expect from a review, it was the opening that grabbed our attention in the best possible way:

“Just because you have the tech-affinity of Elon Musk doesn’t mean you can’t still look as dapper as Gary Cooper.”


The Danny P. iPhone 6 Wallet Case Combines All the Essentials

Trendhunter's Michael Hemsworth was even nicer to us than Lewis Jackson and gave us 9.1 in his review.

This is what we liked most in what Michael said:

“One of the more innovative features of the Danny P. iPhone 6 Wallet Case is how the accessory allows easy, quick access to the Touch ID sensor for quickly using Apple Pay without having to remove your device from the compartment.”

That's exactly what we were aiming for when designing the wallet!


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