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Still slim, now even more functional

September 24, 2015

You asked for it; we delivered. It's time to reveal what we were working on this summer -- give a warm welcome to our new coin wallet!

Give a warm welcome to our new coin wallet!

It's not hard to guess what sets the new product apart from the original slim wallet, is it?

We took away two credit card slots and added a handy coin pocket. This leaves you with four credit card slots on the left (nothing has changed there), and two on the right.

The rest remains the same and thus shouldn't surprise those who are familiar with Danny P.

You can expect the most exquisite Italian leather, slim fit design, three colors to choose from and free worldwide shipping.

Now the question is: who will become the world's very first proud owner of the new wallet?:) Your chance will come in just a few weeks -- as usual, you'll be able to pre-order for a friendly “early adopter” price:)

Stay tuned for details!