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How they talk about us: the latest press reviews

August 20, 2015

Every once in a while, a new press review of one of our leather products surfaces. We certainly don't want to show off, but… alright, we kind of do:) Check out the latest press reviews to find out what people appreciate most about Danny P.

How they talk about us: the latest press reviews

Image source: http://goo.gl/ssXleU

Heyyy, Watch the Leather, Man!

Insidehook.com reviewed Danny P. as a whole and said quite a few nice words about us.

“And if you need a host gift, look no further — as if the leather itself wasn’t good enough, Danny P.’s got just about the most dignified gift (and gift-card) packaging we’ve come across.”

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Very professional feeling that should be preserved

Lewis Jackson of menstylefashion.com took an in-depth look at our leather wallet with iPhone 6 case. And he fired off the compliments!

“As I uncovered the thin paper lining, I was struck by the quality of the leather. I was hit by a vibrant colour and a rich leather smell. It is hard to beat the smell of leather and I probably spent about ten minutes just smelling it!”

The way Lewis summed it up really made our day:

“I am overjoyed to give this item 10/10 Lewis points. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it. From the packaging to the functionality of the wallet/case, Danny P has excelled.”

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A fine option

Gear Patrol said:

“If you’re still in need of an iPhone 6 case, this Nappa leather model from Danny P is a fine option.”

They also recommend you wait for the brown/blue colorway to restock. For those of you who decide to follow Gear Patrol's suggestion, we've got some good news -- all colorways will be back in stock soon!

Danny P. leather wallets in the making

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