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Style rewind: Fashion tips inspired by 1920s

June 04, 2015

At Danny P., we’re all about bridging the gap between age-old crafting tradition and forward-thinking design. In line with that philosophy, we present our weekly Style Rewind series. We take inspiration from the forefathers of menswear and show you how to remix bygone looks to suit up in modern times.

Who would have guessed that 1920s could inspire today's style?

Image source: http://goo.gl/0wxja7

1920s: Gatsby Garb is back

No doubt, it was with the advent of the Roaring Twenties that menswear really got cracking.

This was the time Victorian-age swag got buried in favor of more extravagant styles that influence most of our modern trends.

In fact, little has changed in terms of style, especially since we have the 1920s to thank entirely for the modern three-piece suit.

Today we show you how to incorporate some modern-day flair into the classic look with these easy accessorizing tips...

Pinstripes, chinos & piña coladas

While suit jackets and pants were usually a single color throughout the 1920s, whether tan or dark, things started to get a tad flashier beneath the vest.

White shirts were sometimes enhanced with multicolored vertical stripes. Still trendy as ever today, pinstripes ranged from browns and bolder blues to light colors like lavender, yellow and even pink.

Add a modern touch to the subtle pinstripe tones by slipping on a pair of cotton chino pants. Almost every menswear brand - from Mango to Paul Smith to Salvatore Ferragamo - will have a pastel pair out this season, so keep an eye out on the high street.

dd a modern touch to the subtle pinstripe tones by slipping on a pair of cotton chino pants.

Image source: http://goo.gl/iHgOWp 

Drop the jacket and vest, and pinstriped shirts are your perfect summer choice. Just roll up the cuffs, undo that top collar button, and bask in the splashy sunniness of those airy hues.

Getting chilly? Then the essential navy blue blazer will have you covered.

Prohibition toppers

If you asked Mr. Gatsby, he’d have you know that every smart outfit should be balanced with an alluring hat on the other end. We’ve got two options to compliment the pinstripe-and-chino outfit: the fedora and the golf cap, both oft-seen on TV’s Boardwalk Empire.

Jimmy from Boardwalk Empire sporting his golf cap.

Image source: http://goo.gl/3bZGXy

The wide-brimmed fedora embodies speakeasy attire, though we think our modern times are better complimented with a narrower brim.

If you want to stick to the classic feel, shades of brown or grey work wonders, particularly in felt material. In the end, it’s all about the positioning - best to avoid masking your face with it or you run the risk of leaning towards ’80s Michael Jackson.

As for the golf cap, chances are you either love it or hate it. But one thing’s for sure - it remains one of the most traditionally practical hats out there. Ideal for a trip to the country, it’s handier than an umbrella and less tricky to maintain than a fedora.

But unless you’re a hunter or an old-school farmer, tweed is probably not the ideal material for you. Trendier options include flecked wool or linen for warmer days.

Flecked wool might be an option for warmer days.

Image source: http://goo.gl/ycW0d9

Add a Danny P. messenger bag into the mix for good measure, and you’re all set to crank up the jazz music and waltz into the summer groove.