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Fashion tips inspired by the early 1900s, part 1/2

April 23, 2015 1 Comment

At Danny P., we’re all about bridging the gap between age-old crafting tradition and forward-thinking design. In line with that philosophy, we present our weekly Style Throwback series. We take inspiration from the forefathers of menswear and show you how to remix bygone looks to suit up in modern times.

Let the time warps begin!

Back to the origins: the early 1900s

This is Part 1 of a two-part piece on modern style inspirations from the early 1900s.

When it comes to men's fashion, early 1900s definitely have something to offer.

The fashion industry as we know it can be traced back to the turn of the 20th century, and it’s where we kick off. The age of industrialization offered new ways to mass produce clothes, while modernized forms of entertainment fueled a communal interest in fashion.

Throughout the decade, we saw Paris, London and New York become global style hubs. And even more than a hundred years later, it’s surprising how much of that era still lurks in contemporary trends…

Vest remains best

Vests, known back then as “waistcoats,” were a staple of the early-20th-century man’s closet. Used as a practical place to stick one’s pocket-watch, the vest was worn with daywear, formal dress, casual dinner suits — you name it, the vest was probably involved.

Who would guess men will still be wearing vests in 2015?

Over the years, the vest has admittedly waned in popularity, tending to be associated mainly with waiter uniforms nowadays. But when it comes to the suit game, a three-piece is still a safe, winning bet.

Without much extra styling, the modern three-piece suit is your one-stop shop to masculine elegance.

Going for muted greys and woolly materials allows you to mess around with different shirts and patterns without risking clownishness (nor being mistaken for catering staff).

Even when you lose the blazer, ultimate classiness prevails. Particularly in the warmer seasons, discarding the dinner jacket and wearing just the vest over a tee or rolled-up sleeves exudes a cool and casual feel.

For the more sophisticated informal look, wearing a vest over a classic shirt with denim jeans is an equally slick way to go. And, truth be told, a vest is probably your only shot at making an outfit involving short bottoms look classy. (The pocket still has its uses, too, like, for example, providing a handy place to store your Danny P. wallet… just saying.).

Tune in next week for Part 2...

1 Response


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