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Oh Man, Don’t Wear That…3 Fashion Faux Pas

March 27, 2015

You found our blog, which we think is a good sign: you care about how you look. Way to go!

However, there are still lots of guys out there who don't seem to understand very basic fashion rules. This may not be your case, but hey - we never know who might be reading our blog, right?

Our goal is not to change the way the population dresses, but some of you mind find inspiration in these simple three things that will definitely ruin your outfit. And here's a little surprise: in order to make the three-thing list really useful, we asked a good friend of ours to tell us how women see men who make one (or more) of these outfit faux pas. Let's start!

#1: Running long distances every day?

“Prove me wrong, but the way I see it, there's nothing more asexual than a guy wearing a belt pack. If you need to carry your stuff in something, get a good-looking urban backpack or a decent man's bag,” says Kate.

She's right. Let's leave belt packs to marathon runners, cyclists, mountaineers and other sportsmen.

If you want to look sharp, follow Kate's advice and get yourself something like… this :)

Belt pack

#2: Shine Them!

Here’s Kate again:

“Dirty shoes are nothing but a sign of one's indifference. I support the opinion that shoes make an outfit. And although you might think the opposite, trust me that girls check them out! It takes just a few seconds to clean them, so just swallow your laziness and make your shoes look good!”

There's only one thing to add: if you're used to pulling off leather shoes, invest some money in a dedicated cleaner.

Leather shoes

#3: Your Tie And Your Belt Should Meet

Much has been said about the perfect length of a guy’s tie. Here's the golden rule that you can find in any online (or even offline) discussion about men's style: the end of the tie should never be above or below the belt, it should always sit at belt level.

What does Kate have to say about this? “If you don’t know how to tie a tie, YouTube will be your best friend. When you fail on the first attempt – do it again! A wrongly tied tie is signaling a bad sense of style, and you don’t want to show a lack of willingness to even try.”

Tie should meet your belt 

Wait, Is That It? No, not really. This is the first post in a series. More fashion tips as well as style do's and don'ts are coming soon!

Stay tuned and make sure you don't accidentally damage your laptop in the meantime ;)

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