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Why not style up your MacBook Air with 15% off?

February 09, 2015

If we told you we had decided to reduce the price of our leather MacBook Air sleeve by 15%, would you say:

  1. Interesting! The sleeve is just the thing I need in order to protect my MacBook and give it an even sharper look.
  2. Well, since we believe you'll go with option 1), we didn't really think of an option 2). Sorry.

Leather MacBook Air sleeve

However, if you're new to #Dannypstyle, this is what you can expect the moment you receive this fine piece of leather:

  • A fashionable protective sleeve for your 13" MacBook Air
  • Top-quality handmade leather product
  • The finest Italian leather
  • Natural velour lining
  • Highlighted edges that correspond perfectly with your MacBook Air
  • Three colors to choose from: cognac, tobacco and black. Hint: this might help if you don't know which color would be best for you

Hurry! Our 15% discount only lasts for 6 days, so get the sleeve before it's too late!

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