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Unexpected style that looks surprisingly fabulous ;)

January 15, 2015

This post was supposed to be all about how you can spice up your style by mixing sports clothes with Danny P. leather products. We had it all prepared: pieces of clothing you can pull off with our messenger bag, tips on occasions where particular outfits are acceptable and so on.

But then we saw him.

All we were like: hey, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? So we took one. Here it is.

Ryan Gosling with leather messenger bag by Danny P.

Looks cool, doesn't it? However, don't get scared away by the fact that you might not be a movie star (yet)!

Mr. Ryan Gosling (who, as you can see, is clearly one of our regular customers) would certainly agree with us that such an outfit is pretty comfortable when traveling, for example, for long distances by plane. Your Oxfords, jeans, shirts and blazer (just like Ryan's) are packed in a suitcase while you - as they say - sit back, relax and enjoy the flight. Your MacBook, iPad and everything else you might need during the flight, meanwhile, is at hand and protected by this fine piece of leather.

Have your own style that you’d like to share with us and other Danny P. fans? Go for it! Post it on Instagram, add #Dannypstyle, and we'll be happy to spread the word about your fashion skills!

PS: Guess who's going to be the next celebrity to be spotted with one of our products. Hint: do you think the guys from Ocean's Eleven traveled to Las Vegas without some cool leather products in hand? :)

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