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Our team member Lukas Vondracek [INTERVIEW]

January 08, 2015

You know what Danny P. products look like. What you might not know is that the wallet, the sleeve, the iPhone case and everything else was not designed just by Daniel Piterak.

After coming up with the initial idea, he joined forces with Lukas Vondracek, an experienced designer with an eye for details and a passion for high-quality style.

Keep reading and find out what he has to say about our most challenging product so far, our logo and much more.

Designer Lukas Vondracek

1) What did you have in mind when designing the very first Danny P. product - the iPhone 5 Wallet Case? Did you follow any specific pattern?

When designing something, I always bare in mind one thing: form follows function. Everything I come up with must fulfill the expectations of the customers who will be using the products on a daily basis. Then I try to find the simplest, most logical and most attractive way to deliver it.

"Function" encompasses giving the product its initial raw shape, and then I add details that will give the final product a suitable contrast and a strong natural form. I must also say that no design can be successful without a great manufacturer. I believe we have one, which makes designing our products even more exciting.

2) If you were to describe the Danny P. design in three bullet points, what would they be?

1. simplicity & minimalism
2. details & contrast
3. materials & manufacturing quality

3) When we talk about designing Danny P. leather products, which one has been the biggest challenge so far?

Every single product is a challenge and designing them has taught us a lot, but I think the most difficult one so far has been the new iPhone 6 wallet case. We wanted to integrate some new features (Apple pay) and obviously had to adapt to the larger screen. We also focused on further developing our main design points. We needed to combine all these things and try to “squeeze” them into one product that fits in your pocket. That's always challenging! I hope we did a good job. :-)

interview with our team member Lukas Vondracek

Lukas & Daniel

4) A recent product review said the Danny P. logo on the slim wallet was too large. From a designer's point of view, what do you think about that?

We wanted to keep things simple and minimalistic, so our logo is embossed on the leather. Thanks to this, the branding of the product is not very expressive. We put a lot of thought into the logo positioning. Every logo is sensitively placed. The logotype is very thin with few details, making it easy to read.

I think it’s good to have our logo embossed on the inside of our wallets. We are Danny P., and we are proud of it and hope every customer will be too and wants to show off what we created :-)

5) All Danny P. products are available in three different colors (black, cognac and tobacco). Why you choose these three?

The main reason was to cover all of our customers' needs. Matte black with grey stitching is a conservative combination. Cognac brown with blue stitching (and blue interior in the wallets) is a little more flashy, while dark tobacco brown with blue stitching is something in-between the first two.

6) Are you planning on making any major changes to upcoming Danny P. products? Or are you going to stick to the brand’s well-known minimalistic design with contrast details?

We would like to keep going down our own path. We believe in our strong design principles and want to continue to develop them and come up with new products that fit our well-known minimalistic design. Danny P. products are known for some specific features, and we want to stick with them.

We would also like to offer our customers a lot of different products in the same design line, products that will fit any outfit they decide to wear.

7) Apart from Danny P., where can we find your work?

I love design, and as an architect, I have designed a lot of projects and interiors. Here are some of them: new Harley Davidson showroom in Prague or Corvin Atrium shopping center in Budapest (Les Architectes CVZ team) - interior design.

Harley Davidson showroom & Corvin Atrium shopping center

1) Harley Davidson showroom in Prague [source: http://goo.gl/11Mv15] 2) Corvin Atrium shopping center in Budapest [source: http://goo.gl/HxmPtJ]


Is there anything else you'd like to know about Danny P. product design? Leave a comment and either Daniel or Lukas will get back to you! You can also get in touch with us on our Facebook page or our Twitter profile.