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Welcome our new leather messenger bag

December 09, 2014

Some time ago we gave you a sneak peek of what we were working on. Do you remember? One of the three new products was the messenger bag, which we are thrilled to reveal right now!

Take a look at the first pictures. You can pre-order a bag today, save 30% and get it delivered just in time for Christmas.

Leather messenger bag - front view

Let’s take a closer look at the bag’s special features. We really did our very best!

You might already have our 13" MacBook Air sleeve, but for those of you who own a 15" MacBook, it’s time to style it up with Danny P. as well! Our new messenger bag is equipped with a special pocket compatible with both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro (up to 15").

It should come as no surprise that one of the core features of the new bag is a special pocket designed just for your MacBook. That's what most of us travel with on a daily basis, right?

There's no such thing as having too many smart devices. So why not carry around your MacBook and your iPad at the same time? When you look inside the bag, you'll find a smaller pocket for your tablet as well as three little pockets for your earbuds or cables.

Leather messenger bag - inside pockets

There's one thing that has always bothered us - rain. Why does it always have to happen when we least expect it and don't have an umbrella with us? Problem solved: there's a special umbrella holder in this new Danny P. messenger bag. Rain is not going to catch you unprepared ever again.

Neither is thirst. Just pull your water bottle out of the special holder that is inside the bag whenever you need to cool down.

The bag also has a large inner pocket for whatever else you might need to travel with throughout the day. However, we know only too well how annoying it gets when you can't find your wallet or keys. That's why we designed a pocket on the outside to keep all necessary items at hand all the time.

Leather messenger bag - adjustable shoulder strap

How do you like the new messenger bag? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! We will also post more pictures with additional details. Stay tuned & pre-order now!