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The Story Behind Your Danny P. Leather Wallet

November 12, 2014

One thing has been clear to us since the very beginning: if we want to conquer the world with a top-notch product, we must settle for nothing but the best possible materials, work with no one but the most skilled people and manufacture nowhere but where they have years and years of experience.

It took a lot of time and required some serious research before it came to us: in order to provide you with a leather wallet (or a leather sleeve or case) that'll last for years to come, we needed to turn to places that had proven track records. So we went to the very heart of Europe.

First we sought out a reliable, trustworthy producer of high-quality leather. Rumour had it that apart from sports cars and pizza, they know a thing or two about leather in Italy. It's been a year since the first Danny P. leather wallet was sold, and we must say the rumour was right. Just take a look at the finished product!

Our leather designs

Black, Brown (Cognac) and Dark Brown (Tobacco) leather

No matter if you've just bought it or it’s been with you for several months now, and the leather has started to mature, your Danny P. wallet will always look stunning. 

Once we made a deal with our Italian producer, we began searching for a manufacturer. Was it easy? Hardly. Was it worth the hours spent traveling, negotiating and being very picky in general? For sure.

We finally found the perfect manufacturer in the heart of the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic. Unlike many others around the world, these guys have been working with leather for more than 100 years! We wish you could see how they do their magic. Since their factory might be a bit too far away from where you live, here's a picture from our spy cam - don't tell them :)

Photos from our factory

How our leather wallets are made.

So what’s the result of traveling thousands of miles, talking to dozens of people we never thought we would meet and exploring places we barely knew existed? Your Danny P. leather wallet, MacBook sleeve or iPhone case. It all started with skills, experience and tradition.