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Danny P. fits (almost) every Apple product on the market

November 07, 2014 1 Comment

When it comes to choosing the right protection for your Apple device, things might get a bit confusing. Will the iPad I'm buying fit into the sleeve I already have? And what about my MacBook, is it thin enough?

Since such questions are not rare, we decided to create this little guide. Keep reading, and you will know exactly which Apple devices can be protected (and styled up) with Danny P..


Our leather iPad sleeve is suitable for these iPad generations:

  • iPad 2
  • iPad (3rd and 4th generation)
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Air 2

iPad 2   iPad (3rd + 4th generation)   iPad Air   iPad Air 2


You can use the iPhone case (this one is pretty easy) for two generations of iPhone:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S

iPhone 5          iPhone 5S 


We designed the leather sleeve to fit your 13” MacBook Air. And we must immodestly say it does an excellent job.

MacBook Air 13

However, some of you provided us with interesting feedback: apparently it fits the MacBook Pro with Retina display as well. Who would expect that, right? We can't recommend it though. Not that it will do any harm to your MacBook, it just won’t fit perfectly.

And we always aim for perfection.

MacBook Pro 13 Retina

The only thing it really doesn't fit is the iMac, sorry:)


This has always been pretty straightforward. We founded Danny P. when iPhone 5 was the hottest thing out there, so the wallet was literally built around this generation of the phone.

You don't need to use anything but common sense to figure out it's also suitable for iPhone 5S.

However, this product category is going to get slightly more complicated - in a good way! As you might already know, we're working hard on a wallet-case combo that fits your new iPhone 6! It is going to be available soon, and you really have something to look forward to: the wallet will be narrower and thinner than the current one, only its height will (logically) grow a bit.

iPhone 5          iPhone 5S          iPhone 6


All clear?

If not, feel free to reach out. Either in the comments, on our Facebook page or Tweet us.

1 Response


March 23, 2015

My current wlaelt is duct tape and was made by a friend at least 5 years ago. I’m impressed it has held up this long, but it’s not doing so well anymore would love to win one of yours!

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