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How to Choose Your Leather Accessories

October 19, 2014

Fashion is no rocket science, and we're not going to try and convince you otherwise. On the other hand, it might be quite embarrassing to show up at a client meeting completely overdressed or at a formal business dinner totally underdressed. Let this post guide you through the basics of choosing the right leather accessory for any occasion.



You have a creative job, attend casual parties and don't want to be the shabby guy who sits in the corner. When meeting clients or co-workers, you're supposed to be the open-minded, forward-thinking guy. Don’t ruin it by being too formal.

Pair your dark blue jeans, brown leather shoes, white shirt and blazer with a light brown leather iPhone 5/5S case and a matching wallet and MacBook Air sleeve.

leather products in brown

Just take a look at it. This color stands out, doesn't it? Imagine how stylish you're going to look with the entire Danny P. collection.

Hint: Check out the inside of the wallet. It's not that we want to show off, but we're really proud of the brown and blue color combination!



You're a young professional who needs to look sharp all day long, because when it comes to meeting clients, first impressions matter. You've be promoted. Your bosses trust you, that's a good start. Most importantly, you probably want to keep climbing the corporate ladder, don't you? Then there's no doubt you need to perform (and look) your very best.

Our advice: Show you care about your performance and your looks without pretending to be senior management. (In other words, don’t overdress.)

Do you prefer keeping it casual? Brown chino pants over a plain blue shirt, black vest and a jacket, perhaps? Then when it comes to choosing your leather accessories - iPad sleeves, wallets, you name it - go for dark brown. It's the perfect color for you and your current position. It shows you care about your style but at the same time says you don't need to get too eccentric in order to get noticed. Not too casual; not too formal. But professional to the bone.

leather products in dark brown



You live and work in a world surrounded by classy suits, long formal dinners and even longer and more formal business trips. To sum up: You're basically living on top of the world. Of course you want to dress accordingly! Your suit is tailor-made and goes perfectly with your top-notch plain white shirt and sleek necktie. Complete your sharp business look with top-quality black leather products.

You know what they say - black goes with everything. Just take a look at our collection.

leather products in black

Needless to say, our MacBook Air sleeve, iPhone 5/5S wallet case or iPad sleeve will set you apart - in a good way. This is not just another piece of black leather. We took a classic piece and gave it a modern twist. With Danny P., you'll find slightly contrasting grey stitching and a naturally wrinkled surface.



This is just how we see our products. Obviously, you might think of different ways to match them with your lifestyle. Which brings us to a question: If you've already bought some of our leather sleeves, wallets or cases, how did you decide on the color? Let us know in the comments or leave a post on our Facebook page or send us a Tweet. We love your feedback!

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