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A Sneak Peek - What We Are Working On These Days

October 01, 2014

We're no longer the new kids on the block. It's high time for us to come up with something new, don't you think? That's why we decided to start working on three new leather products. Take a sneak peek below, and let us know what you think!


If you're determined to upgrade your iPhone to the latest model, you can rest assured our new leather wallet case will give your new device the tender loving care it deserves.

We recently asked you to help us brainstorm. Turn’s out the majority of you want to see us upgrade our leather wallet-case combo to fit the iPhone 6.

As the new iPhone has grown by a few inches, you'll have enough space to store everything you might need throughout the day - your phone, credit cards and banknotes. Plus a bonus slot for whatever.


While you might already have our wallet, iPhone case and MacBook Air sleeve, you’ll soon be able to tote them around in a swanky Danny P. leather messenger bag.

We are totally stoked about this new product!

Leather messenger bag

We can't reveal everything we are working on just yet. Apart from the Danny P. quality you’ve come to know and love, we have a number of features that you simply won’t want to live without! These include an umbrella holder, a bottle holder or a special pocket for your iPad.

Stay tuned!


The perfect gift for any guy who travels a lot and wants to make sure he’s looking sharp while on the road. As you'd expect from us, the weekender bag will be made from the highest quality leather.

We're still in the process of evaluating several ideas, but there's no doubt it’ll have a bunch of great features, like, for example, an inside waterproof pocket. Test it out at the gym. The pocket will keep your shoes away from your fresh towel and underwear, which is something we really need for ourselves.

Sounds promising, right? Stay tuned. We'll keep you posted about the products' release dates here as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter profile.