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The Basics You Should Know About Leather Wallets

September 22, 2014

We cater to a niche market, no doubt about that. But when it comes to leather wallet manufacturing, we aren’t alone.

Here are seven types of wallets you might come across while looking for a new addition to your everyday outfit. Since we madly believe in the top-notch, long-lasting quality of handmade leather wallets in general, we decided to focus on just these.


The name pretty much says it all, right? This is the classic every man should go for when on the lookout for an all-purpose, slim wallet that fits into any pocket. Fancy one? We have just the solution for you.

slim leather wallet


Bi-Fold's big brother. Although they look almost exactly alike, there is a difference in how much stuff they can carry. This one is obviously bigger and might make an unattractive looking bump on your rump when stuffed in a back pocket. How can you avoid that? Get a Bi-Fold or buy yourself a messenger - you might get a chance to get one from Danny P. soon. Stay tuned ;)

leather trifold wallet


Have you seen the movie American Psycho? In one of the opening scenes, Patrick Bateman pulls out an expensive-looking black leather wallet out of his pocket before reaching the ATM. Yep, that's a checkbook wallet. Maybe too formal for most men, but definitely a wise choice when you simply want to look like a founder of a Fortune 500 company on your way to meet the president. Or someone like that.

leather checkbook

Wallet with Case

This is what led to the founding of Danny P. Our wallet protects the two things that need the most tender loving care - your money and your iPhone. No matter which color you go for, it gives you a sharp look every time it's time to pay or make a phone call. It’s what we’re most proud of!

Travel Wallet

Honestly, this thing might as well be called a travel case or a travel sleeve. As its name implies, this wallet is used by travelers who want to keep all necessary documents such as flight tickets, passports, credit cards, cash and everything else in one spot. When made of genuine leather, there is no doubt it will keep you classy on your journeys around the world. Hint: make sure to take your Bi-Fold with you as well when traveling. You don't want to be walking around a foreign country with a large wallet in your hand, do you? Plus there is that thing nobody believes can happen to them… until it does. If you get robbed, chances are you will not lose all your documents and money.

Money Clip

Forget about coins, this is minimalism at its best. The money clip wallet can only carry banknotes and a few credit cards, which might be just what you need throughout the day.

Coin holder

In our experience, such wallets can prove useful when you travel a lot - one somehow always ends up carrying coins in every single pocket of one's pants, jackets, if not shoes. The coin holder wallet keeps these tiny heavy things just where you want them - at hand if need be. Get yourself one if you often find yourself crackling like a slot machine while walking down the street.

leather coin holder


One More Important Thing - this article couldn't have been created without the “inspiration” from the folks over at eBay. Thanks guys!

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