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Designing new customized envelopes

June 26, 2014

We are working on a brand new customized envelope! We want to make sure every aspect of your Danny P. experience is top-notch, and we know that unboxing your purchases, whether it’s a slim leather wallet or iPad sleeve, is one of the best parts.

Our new envelopes will be cut from sturdy, light brown paper that will protect your precious cargo. Do you see the connection? Two natural products - paper and leather. The beauty is in the details ;-)

Designing new iPhone 5 case packing

Our envelopes will be printed and include a special quote, which we hope will make you smile. Each envelope will have a custom-designed stamp and postmark. Finally, your parcel will be tied up with red, white and blue string and nicely sealed.

MacBook Air 13 packed and nicely sealed

As our products are handmade, we want to put the same enthusiasm and effort into our packaging. We hope you will love it!

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