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Have you heard? We're working on something new

June 07, 2016

Instead of quietly admiring what we already have in stock, we decided to give you a dose of fresh product updatesLet's take a look at them!



The travel wallet for frequent travelers

How many times have you panicked about having lost your passport only to find it a second later stuck between two pages of a magazine you bought at a duty-free shop? Well, that will soon be a worry of the past ;)

Travel Wallet Passport

Our new travel wallet is going to take care of everything you need when traveling - your money, credit cards, IDs, passport, flight tickets and loyalty cards. Stay tuned, we'll be launching pre-orders soon!



The new card holder

Planning on going out as light as possible? Up till now, our slim wallet has always been there for you. However, sometimes you need to go one step further when reducing what you're about to carry with you, especially when the summer festival season hits, and you need something that fits into your shorts' pocket.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our new card holder.

Leather Card Holder

You’ll be able to carry your credit card, ID and cash without bulging pockets. What will you find in it? We designed it double-sided, so you can look forward to four (credit) card slots and a slot for banknotes on top of that. And the dimensions? Just like the rest of our products, we kept the card holder as simple and functional as possible, resulting in an every-pocket-friendly size.



The facelifted iPhone 5/5S/SE case

Some time ago, Apple reintroduced the iPhone shape that so many people loved since the release of the iPhone 5 in 2012. We took it as an opportunity to rework one of our very first products, resulting in the upgraded version of our Leather iPhone 5/5S/SE.

The main difference? Owners of the case's first version will recognize it at a glance ;)

iPhone SE Leather Case

For the rest of you, we added a side cut on the back, too, allowing you pull your phone out more easily and added a card slot. The slot comes in handy when you want to use your contactless credit card - you don't even have to pull it out of the case. Or you can always have your public transport card at hand.


And, as usual, we welcome your feedback. How do you like the new additions to our product line? Leave us a comment here or on Facebook.

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