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Why not spice up your wardrobe like a minimalists?

May 19, 2016

Did you notice? The idea of a frugal, less cluttered life seems appealing to more and more people. What if we apply a few of the minimalist’s rules to our wardrobes, making our everyday lives easier by eliminating decisions like what will I wear today?

Of course, it'd be necessary for you to change the way you perceive fashion in general. Instead of following the latest trends, you'd focus on purchasing timeless pieces that would fit in today as well as for years to come. Are you up for giving it a try? Then check out our list of the five essentials that should be in every man's wardrobe.


White sneakers

Some say that plain white sneakers are in this season, but was there any time when they weren't? The good thing about high-quality, minimalistic sneakers is that you don't need to spend half of your salary to get a pair. And they look great with just about everything, from bermuda shorts to a casual spring dinner outfit.

Men outfit with white sneakers

Image source: http://goo.gl/BasQrn


Dark blue slim fit jeans

While your ragged, decades-old-looking jeans might give you a desired rough look, the truth is that your outfits will be much neater if you sport a pair of simple, dark blue ones.

We believe that a zombie apocalypse is more likely to happen before slim fit jeans go out of fashion. Skinny ones are not for everyone (body structure-wise) and might make you look like a hipstery secondhand shop enthusiast. Baggy ones rarely look good without a skateboard in your hand.

Slim blue jeans are wardrobe essentials for every men

Image source: https://goo.gl/SdmqW1

Given all this, classic slim cut should be on your radar when looking for a style that'll last even when this year's trends start to fade.



Plain white t-shirts

There's no such thing as too many plain t-shirts! Some people even take it to a whole new level and wear nothing else than but white / grey / black t-shirts. That may be going a bit overboard.


There's no such thing as too many plain t-shirts!


However, if you were to replace one type of clothing in your wardrobe this spring, go for t-shirts. It won't ruin your bank account even if you get 10 of them at once, and the upgrade from your worn-out ones will make a significant impact on how you both look and feel.

Basic white cotton t-shirt with blazer and sneakers for men

Image source: https://goo.gl/7QaqvR

Be picky when choosing the quality (we can recommend nothing but 100% cotton), but don't think that a higher price necessary equals better materials, etc. Cotton is still cotton, no matter how much some brands would like to convince you otherwise and make you pay extra just for their logo.



Lightweight anorak

A high-quality neutral color lightweight anorak will serve you for years, no matter if it's spring, fall or just a warm winter day. Since the weather is rather unpredictable when seasons are changing, you’ll want to get one that will keep you warm and protect your from rain.

It's not easy to find a piece that is both functional and good-looking, but we believe you’ll find just want you need at Everlane’s online store.

Lightweight anorak with a modern cut

Image source: https://goo.gl/xGOnRD



Classic cotton blazer

Yes, we mean one that you can wear to the office as well as on a spring dinner date. And at the same time one that looks sharp with both a shirt and a plain white t-shirt. Blazers naturally come in quite a few materials, but we recommend either 100% cotton or cotton mixed with functional fabrics and no polyester.

Navy blue blazer with jeans and brown leather shoes

Image source: http://goo.gl/BqYCWl

The color is totally up to you, but since we're choosing a blazer that should surpass current trends, you might want to choose a classic grey or blue colorway.


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