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3 important messenger bag decisions

April 27, 2016

Not a big fan of backpacks? We understand. No matter how comfortable they might be, a smart leather bag will always be one giant style step ahead.

Leather messenger bag

Wearing the messenger bag is of course not rocket science. However, since it offers higher versatility than the backpack and the investment in one might be a bit higher, we want to help you choose the right one and wear it in a way that completes your outfit, not disrupts it.

Let's start with asking 3 questions:

  1. What material to choose?
  2. How to carry it?
  3. How much stuff in it is too much?



Faux leather vs. real leather

You likely know what our opinion on this will be :) However, even if we weren't making leather messenger bags ourselves, we would never recommend faux leather.

Faux leather cracks and splits at the seams

Faux leather cracks and splits at the seams [source: https://goo.gl/crLpt9]

Yes, faux leather is much cheaper. And yes, at first sight, it might look quite similar to the real one. But there's one saying that explains perfectly how one should perceive cheap products in general:


"The pain of poor quality lasts long after the joy of a cheap price."


The final decision is up to you, of course. But wouldn't you rather invest in a bag that'll be with you for decades than keep buying cheap ones over and over again?



On your shoulder vs. in your hand

Wearing a suit or a blazer with shoulder pads? If you got a messenger bag with a removable shoulder strap, this is the time to make use of that feature and carry it in your hand. Why? Because it simply doesn't look good to have the strap “cut into” the shoulder pad.

Casual vs formal outfit and how to wear your leather bag

Casual vs formal outfit [source: https://goo.gl/2Bt4xs, https://goo.gl/sEHvGJ]

If, on the other hand, you're wearing just a shirt with no additional layers on top of it or, for example, a t-shirt with a cardigan, the bag will look great no matter if you wear it on your shoulder or in your hand. Simple.



Too much vs. too little stuff inside

When it comes to how much stuff you carry in your bag, there's one simple “rule” you can follow -- let it keep its original shape.

If stuffed too much, it'll look like you're in the middle of moving to a new apartment and carry all your clothes in it. When too empty, you'll give the impression of carrying it with you just to show it off.

Leather bag

Source: https://goo.gl/wuGgPx, http://goo.gl/p0oLTk

Find a compromise and try to decide what you'll likely be carrying in the bag before you buy one. Will it be just a laptop, a wallet and a notepad? Then a slim bag will do. Need to carry lots of documents, a tablet, a laptop and a lunchbox? Opt for something bigger!

Also, if you're about to leave for a meeting, and you've got nothing to put in the bag but your iPad, you might consider not taking the bag with you at all and make do with something sleeker ;)


Got something to add? Leave a comment here or on Facebook! Thank you for sharing this article ;)