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March 10, 2016

Fashion bloggers, tech bloggers and media from around the world are helping to spread the word about Danny P. And by around the world, we mean… well… why don't you find out for yourself? :)

Image source: Mitchell Broussard's review (http://goo.gl/f93hKI)

This article features links to our latest press reviews in four different languages -- English (of course), Spanish, Hungarian and Czech.

Let's delve into it.



For those of you who speak English

Image source: Mitchell Broussard's review (http://goo.gl/f93hKI)



For those of you who speak Spanish

  • José Mendiola from Applesfera reviewed our la funda para iPhone que quiso ser billetero (o al revés). To our readers who speak Spanish, enjoy!

Image source: José Mendiola's review (http://goo.gl/0PX4A7)



For those of you who speak Hungarian

  • Izing Róbert from Hungarian Player.hu took our leather wallet with iPhone 6/6s case and said he found the Holy Grail of wallets -- if we translated Megtaláltuk a tárcák Szent Grálját! correctly. If not, please, let us know :) And, if you speak Hungarian, read the review here.

Image source: Izing Róbert's review (http://goo.gl/HWPm26)



For those of you who speak Czech

You likely know we were lucky enough to become the first Czech company to sell its products on the official Apple store. So…

  • Filip Brož from Jablickar.cz interviewed our Founder & CEO Daniel Piterák and asked about this achievement. Read the interview in Czech.
  • Radek Kubeš from HDWorld.cz wrote an article about our cooperation with Apple, read his article in Czech here.


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