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Prototypes of Danny P. wallet from leather

November 10, 2013

The real leather prototype came soon after the paper one. Here you can see five of the 30 we went through. First we combined the paper body with a leather case. Then we made a complete leather prototype with the case on top. But we quickly realized that this was not exactly what we had in mind and decided we'd have to hide the case in order to achieve a smooth design.

Leather prototypes for wallet case

Our biggest challenge, however, came with fine-tuning the pocket inside the case. We had certain requirements:

  1. the size of the pocket had to be secure enough to protect its valuable cargo but flexible so that an iPhone could easily slip in and out when needed;
  2. the pocket design couldn't be bulky; we didn't want the iPhone to impede access to the wallet's cash and credit card slots;
  3. the credit card slots had to be perfectly arranged and easy to access.

Our requirements were achieved and you can get your iPhone leather wallet case now ;-)